Extreme climate chaos is accelerating around the globe,
with hurricanes, droughts, floods, freezes and fires
now affecting almost everyone on earth.

Climate emergencies are everywhere.

Climate Path

is a new kind of network-of-networks to help grassroots social movements organize the urgent call-to-actions for climate protection and showcase solutions.

Climate Path a clean platform, free of bots, trolls and online advertising, where people can focus on shared purpose together – where solutions can rise to the top, and those working on activist campaigns are not thwarted by business models designed to distract us with addictive click-bait to fuel ad revenues.

ClimatePath.Solutions is an on-line organizing platform

Each organization can build their own network and connect with other networks to scale impact around the globe.

Clean, safe, platform built on European-grade personal data privacy

Individual people, non-profits, academics and informal groups can create “orgs” on the system

Orgs can post content to their own page and invite their users onto the system

Users can protect their privacy using either an avatar, their real name, or single-use keys, in different relationships

Orgs can also form networks and invite other orgs, networks and users into them

Each user’s combined feed shows content from the orgs and networks they choose to connect with

System screens out bots, trolls and ads to shield users from manipulation, distraction and tracking

Transparent ‘data provenance’ shows where information came from, who reposted it, and how it flows through the network

Marketplace matches offerings and needs for products & services, interests & ideas, or in-kind services & support

Climate Path Solutions provides a showcase for grassroots projects

Invite your community, connect with aligned individuals, organizations and projects like these:

Living Forests Fund


Living Forests Fund and partners are moving to implement what scientists are calling the most cost-effective, near-term climate change solution currently available: protecting “primary” or “old growth” forests, while also restoring degraded forests and regenerating forests where they have been cleared. These nature-based solutions are critical because they can provide at least 30 percent of the mitigation solution needed to ensure a climate-safe future – and probably much more.

The Living Forests Fund's mission is to preserve Earth's primary forests and restore forests ecologically, especially adjacent to and between areas of primary forests, creating corridors and buffer zones for biodiversity habitat and pristine watersheds.

IntAct: International Action for Primary Forests


IntAct: International Action for Primary Forests is a coalition of organizations that have signed IntAct's Statement of Principles and support the proposition that Earth's remaining primary forests should be free of industrial activity.

Wild Heritage


Wild Heritage works to protect Earth's last great wilderness areas, working with governments to designate these spectacular landscapes and seascapes as World Heritage sites. We also engage in advocacy and communications and develop state of the art research to promote protection of the planet's remaining primary (aka old growth) forests.

Black Jaguar Foundation


The Black Jaguar Foundation pursues one clear objective: planting indigenous trees on a massive scale to help realize the Araguaia Biodiversity Corridor in order to improve the lives of each of us and of all future generations on our planet.

Kuntanawa Alliance


Kuntanawa Reforestation Alliance (KRA) empowers tribes and river communities of the upper Tejo River to prevent deforestation through cultural education of ancestral knowledge and to reforest impacted lands and rivers in the Alto Juruá Rubber Extractive Reserve.

The Kuntanawas are accomplishing their mission by strengthening the connection the people living in the rainforest have lost with nature and with the environmental values that protect life and its biodiversity. Strengthening ancestral knowledge of plant medicine, songs, dances, artisanry and the native language, together with the applied practices of agroforestry and permaculture will allow families to achieve food security while replenishing land that has been deforested.

Saving Nature


Often overlooked in the discussion about climate change, trees are the best way back to a resilient and healthy planet for people and wildlife. Tropical forests soak up about 26 tons of CO2 per hectare per year as they grow back. They do so for 20 years — and usually considerably longer.

Our global portfolio of forest restoration projects targets three issue facing our planet – climate change, mass species extinctions, and environmental degradation. Supporting our work results in a triple bottom line, helping to rebuild a planet pushed to extremes. It only takes $5 per month to create a wildlife corridor that will absorb the average U.S. consumer’s CO2 emissions for an entire year.

The Regenerates


Dedicated to the restoration and protection of fresh waterways worldwide, the Regenerates is an international community non-profit based in Brooklyn, New York.

Top Leaf Farms


Creating beautiful ecological infrastructure to power small scale urban farms that rebuild our soil and regenerate our society. We are building resilience through opportunities for people to create livelihood with regenerative urban farming.

Women's Earth Alliance


Empowering women to protect the Earth.

WEA has implemented 125 women’s environmental and entrepreneurship projects in 18 countries – training, funding, and catalyzing 5,000 women to advance safe water, clean energy, regenerative farming, women’s land rights, and more.

WEA’s model creates cascading benefits – to date, WEA leaders have equipped over a million more people with life-giving environmental solutions. These leaders are winning political positions, expanding economic opportunities for women and girls, and receiving national and global recognition.

Standing Wave


Standing Wave facilitates multi-day events by making it easy for individuals to sign up for the days that work for them. It provides an overview for tracking the number of committed attendees per day.

The Standing Wave app is built to allow event organizers to schedule many people over many days. Each user can choose the days they will show up, and the app maintains the schedule for all. In physics, a standing wave – aka a stationary wave – is a wave which oscillates in time but whose peak amplitude profile does not move in space.


Climate Path is a decentralized network-of-networks

The beta is a “progressive web app” – a browser-based application that works on any mobile or computer without any app store download. The system is offered as a free service, but any organization could also run their "org" on their own server anywhere in the world.

Additional features coming soon:

  • Up-vote content within your org and networks and across the entire system
  • Up-vote orgs to crowd-source re-distribution of donations to grassroots groups
  • Votes on polling and petitions show total verified users without duplicates
  • Up-vote which polling questions the system should show to more networks
  • Target both elected officials and corporations with initiatives and petitions
  • Connect with safe channels, tools and platforms linked by secure login
  • Telegram integration for encrypted messaging and groups
  • Beta available – January 2020

With the 2020 election looming and urgent climate issues facing us all, new technology offers the most powerful way to connect for immediate impact. Nothing else can scale as rapidly to support global action to protect our planet.

Your funds are needed at this urgent time in history.



This year, we saw a global uprising inspired by Greta Thunberg and organized by a myriad of organizations, from 350.org and the Sunrise Movement to Sierra Club, Greenpeace, Climate Reality, Rain Forest Action Network, Amazon Watch, Pachamama Alliance, Code Pink, Extinction Rebellion and literally hundreds of independent informal groups, where more than 4 million people from 185 countries joined in the Climate March on March 15th.

It is a tribute to the dedication of the movement that people are able to come together using tools that are not designed to support organizing and activism across platforms, and that in some cases may covertly, or even overtly, undermine activist efforts. At the very least, existing social media platforms do not support multiple groups to organize collectively to drive impact.

At the same time, inspiring projects working to save forests, regenerate and restore farmland to remove carbon and protect biodiversity are being developed globally. Projects need a showcase and prospective supporters are looking for projects vouched for by trusted networks.  

ClimatePath.Solutions (this site) represents the non-profit that provides the technology for civil society to do that together.

ClimatePath.net offers the same interoperable system to business and government on a commercial basis.

Climate Path turns consumer choice into a direct climate-action voice with corporations