Climate Path Solutions

Climate Path Solutions is the not-for-profit technology provider for ClimatePath.net, a California benefit corporation, which offers the same interoperable network to businesses, corporations and governments as ClimatePath.Solutions offers to non-profits and grassroots organizations free of charge.

Both are built on JLINC technology, which traces it roots back to the Planetwork conference in May, 2000. That led to the ASN whitepaper and a developer community that started the quest for truly decentralized on-line networks long before Facebook and even Linkedin.

Five years ago, long before the Bitcoin bubble, the founders had the key insight for a simple developer-friendly solution to automated data exchange contracts that can record an audit trail to any database, log ledger or blockchain, without requiring any blockchain or token.

JLINC built a truly distributed solution for personal data control under GDPR, the tough new personal data rights law in Europe. Every major corporation will need a global solution to GDPR. Climate Path Solutions provides a decentralized system built on that technology for the activist community globally.